Double Feature: Janus Festival Gala / United VJs Domecrazy Show

Double Feature: Janus Festival Gala / United VJs Domecrazy Show
Samstag | 25. Mai 2019 | 19:00 Uhr

Am Samstag Abend prämieren wir die besten Fulldome Filme 2019. Aus allen Einreichung wählt unsere Jury herausragende Filme aus und diese werden mit den begehrten Janus Award ausgezeichnet.

Die anschließende Gala Party wird von den United VJs begleitet.

„UNITED VJs creatively integrates the digital arts using Video Projection Mapping, architecture, optical illusions, Fulldome (digital planetariums), Software programming, sound and video art. They are an International crew from São Paulo, with partners across South America and Europe. This young and proactive multidisciplinary team of VJ artists, have performed in special locations such as Budapest, Bolivia, London, Berlin, Lisbon, Switzerland, Buenos Aires, Transylvania, Colombia and as remote as the Portuguese Azores Islands.“

–> United VJs Domecrazy Show


Double Feature: FullDome Festival Gala and JANUS-ceremony / United VJs Domecrazy special show
Part 1: JANUS-Award Ceremony honoring the best 2019 fulldome films
Part 2: United VJs 360-degree Domecrazy special show